Shopping Raya Online Dengan Brand Muslimah Terkini

Many Muslims buy their clothing while traveling in the Muslim world or sew their own. But the Internet is now allowing Muslims from all over the world ready access to a growing number of online Islamic clothing stores. These stores offer clothing for Muslim men, women, and children such as hijab, abaya, jilbab, niqab, shalwar khamiz, thobes, etc.

This list is offered for informational purposes, in alphabetical order, with no guarantees of quality. Please check each company personally before ordering.


While we swoon over renowned international fashion brands, Muslimahs around the globe are making their marks in the fashion industry. Fusing trends with faith, they make covering up look cool and chic.

The “Modest Fashion” movement isn’t just exclusive for Muslims anymore. Its appeal stretches beyond the faithful. We are certain that this trend is in, here to stay and going to get even bigger.

So, here are 9 Muslimah Fashion Brands that we are totally lovin’!



Image source: Inayah

INAYAH is a London based online brand of classic and elegant wardrobe pieces that maintains a balance between modesty, style, practicality and comfort.

Instagram: @inayahc


Source: Haute Hijab

Image source: Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab was born in 2010 to be that faith-driven modest alternative. It strives to offer modern hijabs and high-quality hijab-friendly designer clothing while nurturing a vibrant and inclusive community.

Instagram: @hautehijab


Source: Diana Kotb

Image source: Diana Kotb

Diana Kotb is a women’s Ready-to-Wear label from Australia. Exquisitely designed and crafted, these garments are an exploration of the female form in the most modest of ways.

Instagram: @dianakotb


Image source: aab Collection

Image source: aab Collection

Aab sets out to create garments that take into account simplicity, style and comfort desired by Muslim women who find themselves playing multiple roles in today‘s society.

Instagram: @aabcollection


Image source: Dian Pelangi

Image source: Dian Pelangi

Dian Pelangi was born to promote the traditional outfits of Indonesia and to specialize in the field of Muslim fashion. Its identity lies somewhere between the various and assorted colours of rainbow and traditional manufacturing process.

Instagram: @dianpelangicom


Image source: aère x duck

Image source: aère x duck

Aere which means “the nature of grace” is the new fashion vista by Malaysian blogger, Raja Nadia Sabrina. The line is inspired by nature and the beautiful balance between grace and strength.

Instagram: @aere


Image source: Amirah Couture

Image source: Amirah Couture

Founded in 2012, Amirah Couture is a clothing line where modesty meets modern fashion; with a flare of lively philanthropy. Their hijabs and abayas are inspired by the Arab spring countries such as Palestine, Syria, and Egypt.

Instagram: @amirahcouture



Image source: Madeena

Image source: Madeena

Madeena is an urban clothing design company that takes pride in providing the best of urban clothing to muslimahs around the world. Inspired by Malaysian hijabista, Mizz Nina, the fashion line is ready to wear, street, chic and demure.

Instagram: @madeenamy


Image source: Ria Miranda

Image source: Ria Miranda

Indonesia’s fashion brand, Ria Miranda started the trend of using pastel colours as a symbol of modesty and now, these colours have become the core identity of the brand

Instagram: @riamiranda